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Video made simple!

Storytelling with films

Everyone can relate to a Story! Include videos into your marketing strategy and provide better customer experiences.

What is video marketing ?

It’s a story of your brand from the human perspective.

Video Storytelling Basics

Conception, Writing, Storyboarding, Direction, Video Decks, Audio & Sound Design Editing & Graphics, and Final render

Let’s build your custom video

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Custom video build on stock videos

Create a video brand story without a camera?

Oh yes, this video is made with stock videos along with automated voice-overs. The most important task was to bring an emotional connection with the brand and communicate the business goals to the prospective audience. There are plenty of pre-recorded videos that can be taken and edited in a specific order to match your requirements. This saves time and keeps the cost to the bare minimum.

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Stories bring people together. Let’s help you create a memorable story!

Effective Video Storytelling

Think about a good movie you had watched recently. It’s easy to remember the plot, characters, and plenty of detail without missing a beat. Whether it’s a movie, a book, or, yes, even a youtube video, a good story line is what separates memorable content from the forgettable.

Make a Storytelling Video

Conception – The diligent process behind visual storytelling that helps you organize your ideas.

Writing – Whatever said through the course of the video should be relatable, and concise.

Storyboard – Text transitioning of the brand story into video sequences

Direction – Keeping things crisp and short a like a sales pitch, as well as paving way for an emotional connection

Video Deck – Compatible videos arranged as per the storyboard.

Audio – Since audio is a proprietary, need to choose between licensed or royalty free music.

Sound Design – Create an ambiance tone to make everything look natural. This can be subtle add ons like including audio effects to emphasize a certain statement supporting the voice-over.

Editing & Graphics – There is a lot of room for creativity in video making.

Final render – Put it all together.