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Video storytelling
Make a custom movie to share the brand experience

Build Video Storytelling Around Emotion

Before convincing someone to buy your products or services, you must nurture them through the buyer’s journey with the right collateral for each stage. Targeting different audiences with the appropriate marketing materials will help to generate new leads. It will promote products and campaigns, entice new customers, re-engage existing ones, and build brand awareness.


Get Branding elements

Look at target audiences

Determine video type

Understand pain points

Video & audio

Choose video footages

Choose audio track

Create a voice over

Script the video


Create video plot

Humanised script

Text to be displayed

Discuss timeline

Production stage

Arrange footages

Mix audio layers

Sound design effects

Share output video

Why make a video ?

It’s better than a ‘sales pitch’! Watch this brand video made with stock footage.

A good storyteller with an engaging personality. It feels like a personal tale to tell. This makes way to connect the brand with the tale. Customizing your requirement would bring more value to your time and effort.

Make videos without using a camera ?

Stock footages to the rescue!

Yes. There are plenty of pre recorded videos which can be taken and edited in a specific order to match our requirements. This saves time and keeps the cost to the bare minimum.


Write to us. Let’s get started !

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